Short Sale

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In recent times of economic turmoil many homeowners who have been facing foreclosure proceedings have turned to short sale possibilities as a last resort. Providing relief from default and legal actions, short sales can – when successful – be the best answer to a difficult problem.

As are REALTOR in the Santa Cruz County area I noticed that biggest issue is that many real estate agents were afraid of short sales and did not have the skills to help their clients avoid foreclosure.  They did not have the knowledge or tools to help homeowners figure out the best solution to their foreclosure issues.  At one point it was calculated that 84% of all the homes that went into foreclosure in Santa Cruz County were never listed as a short sale potential on the real estate market.

There is often confusion regarding a short sale and I have spent the last 4 years studying and teaming with CPA’s and attorneys to help arm our local community with the best resources available.  I have processed over 100 short sales in our county and have an approval rate in the 90 percentile. 

My mission is to educate my clients so that they are clear on the process and understand the outcome of their decisions.  I help them get into rental, rebuild their credit, and move on to the next phase of their lives.  Most importantly I treat my clients with dignity and respect.  I help them work through the emotions of depression, failure, anger, and sadness that are so often tied to losing one’s home.  I feel short sales not only help set up a homeowner for a better financial future, they also help give the seller some control over their situation.    

I have years of experience collaborating with both real estate agents and distressed homeowners, for whom I have closed hundreds of short sales. In an industry with few apparent rules, my experience has helped us streamline our procedures and handle each step with unwavering confidence. Because of my industry credibility I can often present my clients with a positive closing and empowering closing that helps my clients move into a better and brighter future.